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Chefs’ Warehouse

Chefs enjoy streamlined purchasing – “boom boom boom” – using order guides and auto-submit options. 10X increase in mobile sales! Read the case study


Chef’s Warehouse Boosts Mobile Sales

Chefs’ Warehouse asked Unbound Commerce to design a mobile app to make it easier for their chefs to purchase. In interviews with their customers, chefs shared how time stressed their days are — preparing today’s meal while planning for tomorrow’s. Their top priority is to reduce the time it takes to place the order for tomorrow’s delivery. They just want to get it done quickly — “boom boom boom” — without having to go back to their office computer. The new Chefs’ Warehouse app was quickly adopted by chefs and resulted in enormous sales gains and 3X higher conversion rates.


Sales Rep Tool

Having seen their customers use the new mobile app, CW’s sales team wanted their own version. Sales reps on their way to a customer visit can quickly pull up their recent orders and see what products they are using and how frequent their ordering is. Reps can also use the app to place orders on behalf of their customers.


App-Powered Arrival Alerts

“Where is my order? Is it on the way? Did I remember to complete it?” B2B apps ease tracking of orders and even remind buyers when they need to get their orders placed for today or next day delivery. By integrating with the supplier’s vehicle GPS, buyers can even see where the truck is or get notified if it’s about to arrive, or has just been delivered.

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