Do You Sleep with Your Smartphone?


We tweeted a funny article from Business Insider the other day with the Headline: “90% Of 18-29 Year-Olds Sleep With Their Smartphones” (

As BI put it, smartphones have basically become a new bodily appendage.

Other interesting stats included in the article:

– 95% of people use the phone for something just before going to bed

– Half of people check their phones immediately if they wake up during the night

I find myself reading emails or news on my phone just before going to sleep and during the night if I wake up. And since I use my iPhone as my alarm clock it stays on my nightstand within easy reach.

The point is, smartphones are mostly turned on and with us 24/7. And as smartphones are reaching critical mass as a percentage of mobile devices in use, achieving an optimized, useful and interesting presence on these new devices becomes more critical every day. Mobile, smartphones and apps represent the most important opportunity since the World Wide Web came along to communicate, interact, transact and build loyalty with your customers. If you haven’t started thinking about your mobile presence yet, time to start thinking!