2014-06-17 13.23.35

If you are an Apptive customer or even a prior reader of this blog then you know the tremendous value that push notifications can add to your mobile commerce strategy. From sending promotions and deals to messages and product updates, push notifications let you reach your most loyal customers directly!

Now, we’ve made your push notifications even better. When you send a message, rather than receiving a generic message that leads to your “Deals” or “Messages” module, customers will see a preview of the message that you are trying to send right on their home screens! This means that customers who access your messages will already be qualified and much more likely to redeem your deal or engage with you further.

The best news is, if you are an existing Apptive customer this feature is now included with your messages without any work from you. If you haven’t signed up for an Apptive account yet, join up now to see the benefits that our new and improved push notifications can add to your store!