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B2B App Case Study: The Chefs’ Warehouse

Chefs enjoy streamlined purchasing, using the Chef’s Warehouse app – “boom boom boom”. Order guides and auto-submit options allow fast, high conversion re-orders. After launching their new app, Chef’s Warehouse saw a 10X increase in mobile sales! Read the Case Study

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Our B2B Clients Boost Mobile Sales With Apps

Our custom apps are built to meet very specific requirements, meaning wholesale buyers convert more online sales. In interviews with buyers, we often hear how time-stressed their days are — and getting wholesale orders in on-time is very important. 


A buyer’s top priority is to reduce the time it takes to place the order. They just want to get it done, FAST– “boom boom boom” — without going back to their office desktop computer. B2B buyers increasingly expect an app from their suppliers. Offering a B2B app means enormous sales gains and 3X higher conversion rates. We make it easy.

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A Powerful New Sales Rep Tool

Sales reps on their way to a wholesale customer visit want to quickly pull up recent orders and see what products they have bought in the past and how frequent their ordering is. Reps can then use the app to place orders on behalf of their customers. We build custom sales rep modules (or separate apps) for many of our B2B clients.

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In-App Scanning For Rapid Wholesale Order Building at Trade Shows

By harnessing the power of the app for barcode scanning, we can streamline the in-store or showroom or trade show B2B ordering experience. We have large B2B clients who use in-app scanning to reduce order entry errors and access product details at trade shows. Other clients use our custom scanning modules for inventory management. We can link any Bluetooth enabled device with the app.

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