Custom AI Solutions, Powered by YOUR Data

AI is big and wide and cumbersome. Answers are broad and generic. And this makes implementation tricky. No longer…

We make AI workable, by building YOUR custom AI solution, powered (only) by YOUR content and data. This innovative new approach means the digital assistant you offer is personalized for your customers because it uses your curated, vetted content as machine learning fuel. And, your copyrighted, proprietary data stays inside your walled garden. It is not cross-pollinated with other customers, or the larger AI ecosystem.

Continuous Improvement Module (CIM™)

Additionally, each deployment comes with a Continuous Improvement Module (CIM™), allowing retailers to audit the digital assistant and provide feedback regarding tone adjustments in real-time. This means the AI system learns from real client-side feedback as it grows and adjusts itself to best-fit the unique personality and style of each retailer.

We Deliver Proven Results

We know eCommerce and our AI team is geared up and delivering breakthrough solutions for our customers that allow them walk-then-run, while taking advantage of the AI movement. We make the process easy by identifying specific goals, rather than trying to use AI for everything, all at once.

Powerful Approach, Powerful Benefits

A custom YOUR AI™ solution powered exclusively by your data and content is delivered as a module for your app or website, offering numerous benefits:

  1. Personalized Results, Based on YOUR content: By leveraging (only) your content and training data, YOUR AI™ can increase the likelihood of conversions. The system is powered by content YOU know was designed to sell your products.
  2. Product Discovery and Past Purchase History: We can fold in YOUR product catalog and user purchase data, to improve product discovery and increase conversion rates. All our builds are commerce-enabled.
  3. Dynamic Pricing and Promotions: YOUR AI™ can analyze pricing data, margins, inventory levels, and customer behavior to optimize pricing strategies and promotions in real-time. This capability can help you maximize revenue and profitability.
  4. Leveraging Existing, Proven, Published Content: Using YOUR training manuals, AI can handle customer inquiries and support requests in a very unique way. Responses convey the “spirit” of the your business. This is very unique.

Press Release

Everyone knows AI is hot, but it is too general and most digital assistants try to be everything for everyone”, said Wilson Kerr, Unbound Commerce President Business Development & Sales. By fueling each custom AI implementation with only rich, pre-curated and vetted content that is already infused with the “tone” needed for AI to feel real and helpful, we have discovered a way to bring AI to life”, he added.