ProStockHockey Shoots & Scores with New Mobile App


ProStockHockey, a leading hockey equipment company drives deeper engagement and sales growth with a custom-designed mobile app that integrates with their BigCommerce website.


“We have a perfect 5 star rating in the iOS app store. A 50% increase in user engagement on days when push notifications are sent and app users are twice as likely to covert a sale, vs. non-app users.”


ProStockHockey App

ProStockHockey App

About ProStockHockey, Why BigCommerce


ProStockHockey is THE online resource for hockey players who want to access authentic professional-grade sticks, equipment and information. They make NHL-grade equipment available to all who enjoy the game and have built a very loyal online customer base. chose leading ecommerce platform BigCommerce for their online store and the site allows customers to earn and redeem points for purchases made. BigCommerce delivers the features and functionality they need and the fact that the Unbound app solution is pre-integrated with the BigCommerce APIs made the app build and deploy process that much easier. The ecommerce site features video, Yotpo ratings and reviews, and a Loyalty Program from SLoyalty and many other rich features – all tied together by the BigCommerce platform. The iOS and Android apps incorporate these features, along with Push Notifications and other app-specific functionality.

The Case For An App


ProStockHockey recognized the potential of a well-designed mobile app, based upon the unique requirements of their customers. With an extremely loyal customer base, they wanted to give their best customers a new, faster mobile app-based shopping experience that could also leverage and extend their existing enterprise-ready BigCommerce platform features.

Key drivers for the decision to launch an app were the integration of their Loyalty Program and the ability to increase engagement with their top customers via Push Notifications. They also wanted to work with a nimble, experienced team with both design chops and a deep technical background in mobile commerce solutions generally (and BigCommerce specifically). Unbound Commerce is a Certified-level partner of BigCommerce and has delivered over 600 mobile solutions for online retailers.

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Custom iOS & Android Apps From Unbound Commerce


ProStockHockey chose Unbound Commerce to design and build their iOS and Android apps because, unlike other less expensive “quickie” web-framing options, the Unbound solution is both 100% custom and fully pre-integrated with the BigCommerce platform APIs. The project team started with a custom design process. This assures that the app would be specifically tailored to the needs of ProStockHockey’s top customers, the most likely users of the app. The team then did the iOS and Android builds in parallel, launching both apps on-time and on-budget. Unbound supports the apps and takes care of updates and enhancements.

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The Outcome: “Terrific App and High Customer Engagement”


The apps deliver unique new functionality and load-times are nearly instantaneous. This is due to ecommerce images, pricing and other product-specific data from BigCommerce caching on-device. Most importantly, ProStockHockey is engaging in new ways with their best customers. They use app-based push notifications about new product arrivals, special pricing, and other deals. This increased customer engagement is driving higher conversion rates.

Just 3 months after launch, ProStockHockey started realizing returns on their investment for the app project, with full ROI achieved. They engage with their customers in new ways. Push notifications drive a 50% increase in user engagement on days when they’re sent. The apps have been very well-received. We see this as both the iOS and Android apps boast a high “4+” star rating on the app stores.

Are you looking to build stronger relationships and deeper engagement with your best customers via a mobile app? Reach out to us at [email protected].

ProStockHockey App

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