Mobile advertising is definitely on the rise. For eCommerce store owners, the most direct form of mobile advertising they can utilize is the mobile offer. Paired with a mobile app and push notifications, you can immediately get deals in front of people no matter where they are, allowing them to redeem and purchase right from your phone. But what makes a good mobile deal? Here are three tips that will get those redemption rates up and the profits flowing!

1. Immediacy

Of utmost importance to creating an enticing mobile deal is immediacy. By that I mean, there must be some sort of urgency or immediate benefit that a customer can receive by engaging with the offer. Keeping those deals time-bound will encourage a customer to buy as soon as they see the deal, rather than putting it off until later. Remember, sending a mobile deal through push notification gets it in front of your audience much faster than through traditional email or social channels. That means you can be a bit more aggressive!

2. The “In” Club

People who download your app do so because they want to remain closely connected with your business. Reward these die-hard fans with VIP status by giving them exclusive deals that can’t be found through your other channels (and make the deals really good, by the way). If you reward customers with regular deals that are a lot better than the norm, they will feel that they are part of an exclusive and appreciated community.

3. New Hotness

Deals and offers are often reserved for clearance items or old stock that a store is trying to get rid of. It’s ok to occasionally include this type of mobile deal, but consider that mobile users tend to be early adopters, trendsetters, and otherwise interested in what I call the new hotness – characterized by new products or services, innovative uses of those items, or simply a cool new way of thinking about a traditional item. If your mobile users feel like they are getting early access to awesome stuff they will love you for life.

These strategies for mobile offers are enough to get you going. However, this is just the start of the discussion. What ways have you (or do you plan to) use mobile to capture the hearts and minds of your customers?