Landing pages allow marketers and business owners to direct customers to a specialized page geared toward a certain goal. Online store owners, for instance, might direct customers to a sales page or a preorder form for a new product. The pages themselves offer room for very tight customization and focus. Since there is only one goal on most pages, it is much easier to optimize for conversion towards that goal.

The issue in most of these cases is the ability to effectively drive customers to that page. Due to the nature of page testing, it is difficult to optimize unless there is a steady stream of traffic to that page. Fortunately, mobile apps offer a convenient way to direct highly targeted customers to your landing page or even to a deal that will result in a direct transaction.

Once a customer has downloaded your app, you can send a message out through push notification to instantly reach everyone who has enabled notifications. They are a fantastic way to cut through the clutter and get eyes on your page. Apptive offers two modules geared specifically towards this purpose through our Deals and Messages modules. Ecommerce customers who include one or both of these modules in their apps can instantly enable highly targeted interactions with their customers.