The best part of our job at Unbound is seeing our customers having astounding success with the mobile solutions we did together.

Unbound new app
FitMama, a fitness apparel retailer, deployed a new mobile app for their customers. Unbound Commerce designed the app to not simply sell clothing but to help promote the healthy lifestyle that customers associate with FitMama. The merchant targeted their top customers to download the app. Within 4 months, 35% of FitMama’s total sales were coming through the app. Not all retailers are the perfect fit for a mobile app. But for those who have, or want to cultivate a loyal and engaged customer base, apps can be a breakthrough. According to Erika Boom, Owner, FitMama Apparel, “The combination of push notifications with one-touch checkout makes this a killer app for us. It’s a great way for Unbound to engage our loyal customers. And it makes it super easy for them to buy from us.”

Unbound proves customer success
Sports Unlimited struggled with a low conversion rate on mobile. As their mobile traffic grew, the problem became acute. Since they started working with Unbound, the retailer has seen dramatic results. “Since we’ve deployed our mobile site, not only have visitors greatly increased. But mobile conversion rates have gone up 500% and AOV increased by 27%,” according to Mike Neff, e-commerce director. Reflecting after the project, Neff commented: “It’s been really easy. It’s clear that Unbound has done all the leg work for us. This is one of the easiest e-commerce initiatives we’ve ever done.”

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