Black Friday Mobile Apps


Black Friday is crazy. We all know this. The good news is that customers are turning to mobile shopping more than ever this Holiday season, meaning you can use a mobile app to alleviate some of their stress and net a healthy profit for your online store to boot. Here’s how to create an awesome mobile experience for your customers this year!

1. Catch the showroomers

One of the greatest annoyances of modern brick and mortar stores is the advent of “showrooming”, or having customers check out products in store then actually order them from a mobile device. If you are ¬†purveyor of the types of items that customers would routinely want to see in person first, consider discounting them and sending a push notification so customers know that even if they visit a store in person the best way to buy the product is through your app!

2. Create follow-up experience

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, but the momentum continues for the rest of the Holidays. Promote your app on your website or store while the crowds reach a fever pitch on Black Friday so you can continue sending them deals and product updates. Having a massive user base will increase the value of your app dramatically, and will make it easy for customers to buy last-minute gifts to boot!

3. Offer mobile-exclusive promotions

Once you’ve encouraged customers to download your app, reward them by offering great deals through your app that they can’t find anywhere else. In general, its a good idea to avoid over-saturating customers with deals and specials. On Black Friday, anything goes! Send out hourly deals and great specials and your customers will love you for it amidst the frenzy of the day.

These general suggestions will get you on the way to creating an awesome experience over the Holidays. What are your plans for mobile sales this year?