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PYMNTS: Unbound Commerce Launches B2B Scanning App for The Chef’s Warehouse

August 7, 2023

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Unbound Commerce has launched a mobile B2B scanning app for The Chef’s Warehouse, a distributor of specialty food products.

“The new app gives grocery store employees a faster, better way to check store shelves and reorder items carried by The Chef’s Warehouse.” Unbound Commerce said in a Monday (Aug. 7) press release.

“We wanted this new tool for key strategic customers,” The Chef’s Warehouse Digital Product Manager Katie Tomechko said in the release. “We heard that employees were seeking a more efficient way to inventory and reorder our products. So we engaged our mobile app partner Unbound Commerce to build a bespoke solution, just for this purpose.”

Unbound Commerce provides custom mobile commerce solutions for both retailers and wholesalers, according to the press release.

“When employees scan items that need to be inventoried and then reordered, the scanner devices link to the new mobile scanning app by Bluetooth, and wholesale reorders are placed directly into The Chef’s Warehouse B2B eCommerce operations.” The release said. Inventory data can also be sent.

The app eliminates the need to manually tabulate items. Also, it reduces error rates and accelerates the placement of reorders, per the release.

“Chef’s Warehouse already has a powerful B2B app for wholesale ordering. This scanner app is another arrow in their digital/mobile quiver.” Unbound Commerce said in the release.

PYMNTS research has found that mobile financial transactions have quickly become part of consumers’ daily online habits.

Younger generations lead the mobile-first mindset. As a matter of fact, 71% of the members of Generation Z and 68% of millennials use smartphones for most transactions, according to “Consumer Behaviors and Perceived Security Across Devices,” a PYMNTS and Entersekt collaboration.

In another example of its custom mobile commerce solutions, Unbound Commerce announced in June 2022 that it produced an app for RadonAway, a manufacturer and distributor of equipment for radon mitigation, that makes it easier for customers to order equipment from worksites.

The app includes customer-specific pricing, quick reordering, and the provision of details about individual products.

“By launching the B2B app, they now have a direct, always-on connection to these customers.” Unbound Commerce said at the time.