Get Ready, Apptive 3.0 is Coming to Town!

Here at Apptive, we’ve been hard at work in our mad development laboratories to put together something truly great for ecommerce merchants, and just in time for the holiday season! Apptive 3.0 is the culmination of those efforts. This update to the Apptive platform includes a ton of new functionality that will allow merchants to make more mobile sales than ever before.

What kind of functionality, you ask? How about:

  • An enhanced, streamlined shopping interface to make finding and purchasing products even easier and faster across all mobile devices.
  • An integration with Google Analytics which allows merchants to get immediate visibility into the revenue generated through their app and to gain a deeper understanding of the buying patterns of their app users.
  • A new “Specials” module which allows merchants to create and share time-based, push notification enabled deals with their mobile audiences. This innovative functionality helps to maximize user engagement and ultimately drives mobile purchases through the app.

To complement our new mobile shopping interface, we are also introducing an enhanced iPad layout that will let customers take full advantage of the larger size and navigation elements of the iPad platform. To put it more succinctly, our customer’s apps are going to look amazing on iPads.

We are planning to have this release fully rolled out in early November, so keep your eyes out! New customers will automatically be able to take advantage of Apptive 3.0 features, and current customers will have the option to upgrade to Apptive 3.0.

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