Organic App Downloads: A Quick & Dirty Guide


Organic app downloads are becoming increasingly important as app continue to prove themselves as drivers of sales for ecommerce merchants. However, there is a lot of competition, and more every day. The iOS App Store alone sees the creation of over 20,000 new mobile apps a month. But all is not lost! Here’s the down-low on organic app download strategies as they stand right now.

App Name Discoverability

THE most important aspect of app store optimization, bar none. Your app name is the way that people will find your app almost every time. It is important that you understand the ways in which you want your customers to find your app. For ecommerce merchants, you’ll almost always want that to be your store name. However, there are some instances in which you might want to deviate slightly, such as targeting a specific audience with your app. In that case, it is ok to modify your name, but don’t go too far or your loyal customers may miss it!

Icon Power!

We’ve already covered the ways in which mobile is inherently a very visual medium. When people are browsing the app store for new apps, the most prominent things they see are your name and your icon. Simply put, if you want to exude quality and make people confident that your app will deliver, you need to make sure your icon is sexy. An icon needs to be clear and it needs to communicate the core value of your business without being salesy. We’ve seen people include a ton of text on their icon. However, a beautiful image of a flower will ALWAYS drive more downloads than an icon with a tiny image of a flower that also includes “FAST FLOWER DELIVERY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!” Make the pitch inside of your app, not on the icon.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Once you’ve enticed someone to view your app, the first thing they are going to look for is validation that your app is of high-value. After a cursory glance at your description (more to confirm that your app performs in the way they thought it would than anything) they will look at your user reviews. It goes without saying, but a high user review rating will regularly make the difference between who proceeds to download your app and who will move on. It pay to encourage customers and other app users to leave reviews (preferably positive!) so that you can demonstrate value to prospective users. Consider incentivizing reviews through promotions or discounts. Just don’t try to buy reviews, or you’ll set yourself up for a world of hurt.

This guide will help you generate a ton of organic interest in your app which, when combined with your other app marketing strategies, can result in a massive increase in downloads. The more users you have, the more powerful your app and mobile presence at large will become!

Let us know if you’d like any other tips on organic download strategy or anything else! We’d be more than happy to dive deeper into any of these points or to hear from you guys about other organic download strategies!

Bigcommerce Launches New Integrated App Store

Bigcommerce App Store


We are excited to announce that our partners at Bigcommerce have launched their new integrated app store! Bigcommerce customers will have unprecedented access to apps that will assist ecommerce merchants in all of their marketing and selling efforts. Apptive is proud to be amongst the first group of integrated apps for Bigcommerce merchants!

From the Bigcommerce announcement:

“Part of being a true platform means having a seamless and delightful experience for your clients, regardless of what they’re trying to do. While our app store was great, the experience of finding, installing and managing apps was less than ideal. By bringing the app store right into the Bigcommerce experience, we’ve made it easy to browse, search, install and manage all of the apps you use with Bigcommerce.”

Check out the full story here!

User Reviews for App Downloads


The importance of user-provided reviews is skyrocketing.

Brick and mortar stores have known this for years now, with sites like Yelp driving (or denying) local business based on the quality of the review.

Native apps also depend heavily on user reviews, both to determine the relevance of the app and to increase the quality of those apps. Most importantly, an app with a number of good user reviews is validated in the mind of a potential user, and can encourage them to download the app.

For that reason, it pays to request reviews for your app. Let your customers know that they can help you out, and make their app experience better overall, by leaving a review for your app in the App Store and Google Play.

A final word here. It’s totally fine to encourage positive reviews, in fact you should do so. However, do not demand high reviews in return for a deal or promotion. It doesn’t work, and it will likely cause issues for you in the app stores and among your customers.

App Store Optimization

Follow these tips to increase visibility of your mobile app in the App Store and Google Play!