Unbound Commerce Launches New YOUR AI™ Virtual Assistant Program

BOSTON, MA:  Unbound Commerce today announces the launch of a new Your AI™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) module designed to revolutionize AI deployment in the eCommerce space.

Until now, AI has largely been seen as too broad and cumbersome to be relevant for most eCommerce companies. YOUR AI™ changes this by personalizing AI, allowing retailers to offer AI-powered digital shopping assistants fueled ONLY with data already in-use in the context of their sales and customer service efforts. And each system is linked directly to eCommerce operations, so an interactive path-to-purchase serves as a cornerstone of the digital assistant deployment.

Online retailers and wholesalers can harness the power of existing in-house, proprietary, and vetted content and data to fuel their unique AI offering, without worrying that this data will be cross-pollinated and used by other AI systems.

This “walled garden” approach means answers to queries generated are more relevant and have a “tone” already aligned with the culture and personality of each specific online merchant that deploys it.


The Perfume Spot Dabs On A New Mobile App

BOSTON, MA: As the go-to online destination for fragrance and perfumes, The Perfume Spot is always looking for ways to better serve its 2 million+ loyal customers. They started selling online in 1999 and today announced their next step in e-tail innovation, via the launch of a commerce-enabled mobile app for iOS and Android.

Built by Unbound Commerce, the new custom app leverages and extends the functionality of their current ThePerfumeSpot.com BigCommerce website. The app was purpose built to meet specific requirements and features push messaging, search from Search Magic and a loyalty program powered by Practical Data. The Perfume Spot expects a significant conversion rate lift over their mobile website.

Customers can use the app to instantly check their order status and no longer have to login every time they want to reorder. The new app also features Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal options at checkout. Because the app is installed on each customer’s phone, page load speeds and other performance metrics are greatly improved.

The new app is being rolled out in a phased manner, with an SMS message promoting the new app sent to 5,000 recent buyers. Customers that download…


New B2B Scanning App Speeds Inventory and Reorders for Chef’s Warehouse

Boston, MA: Leading mobile solution provider Unbound Commerce today announced the launch of a new, innovative mobile scanning app for Chef’s Warehouse, purpose-built for inventory management and rapid wholesale re-order placement. Chef’s Warehouse will be providing this tool to select wholesale customers.

The new app is used by employees to scan items that need to be inventoried and then re-ordered. The scanner devices are linked to the new custom app by Bluetooth and wholesale re-orders are placed directly into The Chef’s Warehouse B2B ecommerce operations. Inventory data can also be managed and sent.

The app was created by gathering input from grocery store employees, who wanted a faster, better way to check store shelves and re-order items carried by The Chef’s Warehouse, without having to manually tabulate them.


New BAS Part Sales Mobile App Takes Flight – Allows Buyers Anywhere Anytime Access

BOSTON, MA: BAS Part Sales is the leader in the fast-paced world of airplane salvage and their new mobile app sets them even further apart from other dealers. Now, when a mechanic or hobbyist needs a specific part for a specific project, accessing a full catalog of airplane parts is now only a smartphone screen tap away.

The new BAS mobile app allows plane enthusiasts to easily and quickly search over 50,000 aviation parts and components and order directly from the app. Customers can create an account, or log in to their current website account, making it even easier to order quickly right from the palm of your hand.

The app also keeps loyal customers in the know, as they can see new planes coming in and never miss that hard-to-find part again. The app delivers push notification updates for what planes BAS Part Sales is disassembling and what parts are headed to the online store – even before they are listed online.


Extra Mile Brands Drives Sales with New Top Flight Automotive App

BOSTON, MA: Unbound Commerce recently built and launched a new commerce-enabled (iOS and Android) mobile app for online automotive parts leader Extra Mile Brands.

The functionality of their current TopFlightAutomotive.com ecommerce store is leveraged and extended into the app – purpose built to meet their specific requirements.

Top Flight Automotive aggregated its many brands into a single app-based shopping experience, all under the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, including Corvette America, Mustang America, Mr. Mustang, Classic Fit Covers and Classic Car Dashes. From restoration to performance, shopping for model-specific parts is made easier with the new app.

Users can access a complete library of videos and diagrams and the new app delivers push notifications, meaning the latest promotions, new product releases, and exclusive offers are delivered directly to the customers most-likely to take advantage.

Boasting a perfect 5-star rating on both the iOS and Android app stores, the new app was custom-designed by Unbound and has been very well-received by TFA customers.


The Benefits of Extending Optimizely Into a B2B App

Guest Post: October, 2022 – Paper order forms, faxes and even old-fashioned phone calls still tend to dominate the wholesale sales process. While B2B is way behind B2C, the move to digital commerce is underway and accelerating. This is precisely why ecommerce platforms that specialize in delivering B2B tools, features and functionality (like Optimizely) are seeing such rapid growth.

A recent Gartner report examines the rapid move toward B2B digital enablement and a key finding is that buying decisions and the actual purchases are no longer being driven by sales reps, as online ordering surges. In fact, at the time of the study, only 17% of the wholesale purchase journey was attributed to sales rep interactions and, among millennials, fully 44% said they prefer no sales rep interaction at all when making buying decisions.


Chef’s Warehouse Relaunches Mobile Commerce Apps –Integrated with Their New Optimizely B2B Website

BOSTON, MA – Unbound Commerce today announces the successful republication of iOS and Android mobile apps for B2B restaurant supply leader Chef’s Warehouse.

The functionality of their newly-launched Optimizely (formerly Episerver) B2B ecommerce site is leveraged and extended into the apps – purpose built for the specific needs of Chef’s Warehouse wholesale buyers.

Mobile B2B sales are growing fast and an app is increasingly seen as minimum ante. According to Ebizbneeds, “B2B mobile apps have the power to skyrocket the growth of the company towards its success.” And a recent report by Gartner indicated that, “by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions will occur in digital channels”.

Chef’s Warehouse moved to Optimizely and their newly re-launched B2B site is packed with powerful features designed to streamline the digital buying process. Unbound Commerce leveraged and extended these features into their iOS and Android mobile apps, which were just re-published. This means chefs, in the kitchen, have rapid re-order capabilities always on, literally in their hip pocket.

“Our mobile app is now driving a significant percentage of online sales and the conversion rate on the apps consistently exceeds our mobile site. Unbound made sure all the B2B ordering tools we got with the Optimizely platform were incorporated into the app, for easy re-ordering by buyers”, said Ari Pappas, Head of Product at Chef’s Warehouse.


RadonAway Launches New Business To Business Ordering App

The RadonAway app was custom-designed, built and launched for both iOS and Android and leverages and extends the current Magento ecommerce operations used for online ordering.

Based in Massachusetts, RadonAway is owned by Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc. and introduced the first radon-specific fan over 30 years ago. Since then, their RadonAway radon mitigation fans have become the most popular, reliable and effective in the world.

RadonAway sells to professional radon mitigators and wanted an app to allow faster re-orders by these wholesale buyers, even while they are in the field. By launching the B2B app, they now have a direct, always-on connection to these customers, and can deliver in-app notifications with order updates, and special offers. Customer-specific pricing and order guide for rapid re-ordering anchor the app functionality.


SaltwaterAquarium.com Makes A Splash With New Mobile Commerce App

Boston, MA – Unbound Commerce today announces the launch of a commerce-enabled iOS and Android app for online retailer SaltwaterAquarium.com. The functionality of their BigCommerce ecommerce store has been leveraged and extended into both apps – purpose built to meet their specific requirements.

According to a recent report by Sensor Tower, ecommerce app install rates were up 10% and ecommerce app sessions were up 12% in 2021. Mobile traffic now accounts for 54% of all ecommerce, globally.

Saltwater Aquarium saw the addition of an app as a differentiating, logical next step in their omnichannel approach to online sales.

With a perfect 5-star rating on the Apple App Store, the app is being adopted by current and new customers alike. Over the next few months, additional third party features will be phased-in, including Wishlist, Ratings and Reviews, and Apple Pay.


Google Pay Extension for Magento Updated, Now Supports Cybersource

Magento is a leading ecommerce platform and their extension marketplace features thousands of plug-in extensions that allow the 170,000 merchants who use Magento to quickly and easily enhance their desktop and mobile commerce offering.

Online and in-store, Google Pay gives customers a safe, fast and simple way to pay.For merchants, offering Google Pay means faster checkout and increased conversion rates. Unbound Commerce built and supports the official Google Pay extension for Magento retailers.

The Google Pay extension v1.1.1 for Magento now supports the Cybersource payment gateway allowing merchants who prefer Cybersource to easily integrate Google Pay into their checkout flow. Cybersource is a leading payment service provider (PSP) that serves retailers in 197 countries and processed almost $600B in payments in 2020.