RugsUSA Finds Mobile A Perfect Fit

Launches Integrated Mobile Commerce Site from Unbound Commerce

– Leading rug and home furnishing retailer RugsUSA has risen to the top of the online field by offering a wide variety of products at great prices— using special promotions, free shipping and exclusive discounts to drive awareness and traffic.

Today, RugsUSA is pleased to announce they have extended their reach into the booming mobile commerce space via the launch of The new integrated mobile site is designed to capture the here-and-now power of mobile and provide a mobile experience for web traffic increasingly originating from smartphones.

RugsUSA has an increasingly mobile customer base and wanted to allow their customers to try on the best possible mobile commerce experience. According to Koorosh Yaraghi, CEO at RugsUSA, “our new mobile site lets us connect with customers while they are rug shopping in traditional stores.” By bringing their offerings into the bricks-and-mortar settings, RugsUSA can offer their well-priced products to customers at the times they are most likely to purchase.

“We were able to draw on the deep mobile expertise of Unbound Commerce, creating a very compelling mobile customer experience,” said Mr. Yaraghi. “Our new mobile-optimized site leverages all of our in-place ecommerce systems, without any impact on our IT or our operations. We’re very pleased with the project and with the results we’ve seen.”

The new mobile site includes RugsUSA’s promotional offers and product-specific social media linkages. Customers can also share product details by email. Registered customers get streamlined checkout by signing in and having their address information automatically entered for them.

About RugsUSA
The new mobile site includes RugsUSA’s promotional offers and product-specific social media linkages. Customers can also share product details by email. Registered customers get streamlined checkout by signing in and having their address information automatically entered for them.

About Unbound Commerce
Unbound Commerce is the leading solution provider for retailers and brands seeking to capitalize on the booming adoption of mobile and social commerce by consumers. 360+ retailers currently use the Mobile Presence® platform, and the Mobile Commerce Data Book from Internet Retailer identified Unbound Commerce as the #1 mobile commerce solution provider in the space. Retailers of every size choose Unbound for integrated mobile commerce sites, commerce-enabled apps, tablet commerce sites and apps, and Facebook stores. For additional information, please visit

Cyber Monday Madness: Unbound Commerce Retailers

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Cyber Monday Madness: Unbound Commerce Retailers
See 400+% Jump In Mobile Commerce Sales

Aggregate Mobile Sales Across Network Of 360+ Retailers Up Dramatically, Most Site Visits From New Customers

Leading mobile commerce service provider Unbound Commerce released numbers today showing the impact of Cyber Monday on aggregate mobile commerce transactions.

Total revenue generated by retailers utilizing Unbound’s integrated mcommerce platform surged 410% on Cyber Monday, as customers reached for their smartphones to shop and covert purchases in record numbers.

Rockport Streamlines Mobile Checkout Flow with Google Wallet

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Rockport Selected As Early Partner, Speeds Mobile Conversions With 3-Click Checkout Implemented By Unbound Commerce

Rockport’s new mobile site features the entire Rockport line of shoes, boots and accessories and allows consumers to shop and checkout, all from their smartphones. Powerful features have been integrated into the mobile commerce platform by service provider Unbound Commerce, extending and leveraging the current Rockport ecommerce infrastructure.

And now Rockport has integrated Google Wallet as a payment option on its mobile site to streamline the mobile checkout process for its customers. Selected as a launch partner, Rockport was featured in a recent announcement about the new Google Wallet solution for the mobile web.

Cavender’s Boot City Rides Mobile to the Rescue

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Cavender’s Boot City has a new mobile site, delivers topnotch service to customers. Mobile commerce solution built by Unbound Commerce.


Cavender’s Boot City, a leading retailer of western apparel, has launched their new mobile commerce site, powered by Unbound Commerce. Customers with smartphones can visit and automatically get a mobile-optimized experience, including full catalog, online purchasing and directions to the nearest store.

Unbound Commerce Partners With Google Wallet On New mCommerce Rollout

Google Wallet Offering Means Faster Mobile Checkout Flow

Unbound Commerce today announced that it will participate as a Google Wallet platform partner. Unbound is now authorized to deliver Google Wallet checkout functionality in the context of the mobile commerce sites that Unbound builds and deploys for leading national retailers and brands.

Visitors to mobile commerce sites displaying the Google Wallet button can use Google Wallet to checkout, which can reduce friction during the cart interaction process. Mobile consumers who use Google Wallet do not have to type in their shipping and billing information, credit card number, etc. Google Wallet users simply type in their Google usernames and password to pay, which can increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


Partner retailers and brands can retain their existing payment processors since the Google Wallet API that Unbound has access to is integrated into its mobile commerce site offering. Best of all, there are no additional fees for accepting Google Wallet on a mobile commerce site, and all payments are sent through the existing credit card processor the retailer uses.

“We are always looking for new ways to streamline the consumer interaction flow for our retailers and brands and are pleased to join forces with the Google Wallet team,”said Wilson Kerr, Unbound’s VP of Business Development & Sales. “Google does not do anything in a small way and we believe they will be a strong force in the mobile payments space. Our retailers are embracing this single click checkout option and we have multiple large brands committed”, he added.

About Unbound Commerce
Unbound Commerce is the industry’s #1 provider of mobile commerce solutions, for Retailers seeking to reach their customers anytime and anywhere. The 2011 issue of the Mobile Commerce Data Book from Internet Retailer shows Unbound Commerce as the #1 mobile commerce vendor, with an industry-leading number of mobile commerce site deployments. Unbound Commerce’s approach also delivers a social commerce store for Facebook, allowing consumers to buy where they connect through social media, as well as commerce-enabled iPhone and Android applications and in-store tablet-based mobile commerce. For additional information, please visit us at

About Google
Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information about Google Wallet, visit


Unbound Commerce Launches Digital Pop-Up Stores

New Feature Links Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing

Top mobile commerce solution provider Unbound Commerce today announced the launch of a new program called Digital Pop-Up Stores (DPS). This new feature allows commerce functionality to be infused within a mobile landing page or digital ad.

What differentiates the program is that, for the first time, rich product detail options like style, color and size can be selected by consumers, without leaving the mobile page or ad or refreshing the page. The order is then dropped deep within a retailer’s mobile commerce checkout flow.

This increases conversion rates and allows merchants to assign sales conversion metrics to ads or mobile landing pages, including Facebook ads. Because the page does not need to connect back to the mobile commerce engine behind it until the end of the consumer interaction, the experience is smooth and fast for mobile consumers.

“DPS is a powerful new way for our clients to both drive sales and measure ad effectiveness at the same time. Not just by clicks or by impressions, but by actual mobile sales conversions that can now take place within the ad. We feel this could be a game-changer”, said Srinivasarao Nandiwada, Unbound Commerce co-founder and CTO.

When combined with the QR code generator in the dashboard all Unbound clients have access to, any ad, point of sale, or printed packaging can become the trigger for a pop-up store for mobile customers, at virtually no cost. This links mobile commerce and mobile marketing in a powerful new way, and tracks the resulting sales.



About Unbound Commerce
Unbound Commerce provides a platform solution to retailers and brands seeking to capitalize on the booming consumer adoption of mobile and social commerce. 325+ retailers currently use the Mobile Presence® platform, and the Mobile Commerce Data Book from Internet Retailer identified Unbound Commerce as the #1 mobile commerce solution provider. Retailers of all sizes choose Unbound for mobile commerce, commerce apps, tablet commerce, and Facebook stores. Unbound’s unique integrated approach requires as much or as little IT involvement as desired. For additional information, please visit us at

Top Mobile Commerce Solutions Tested

Integrated Mobile Commerce Sites From Unbound Commerce Outperform the Field


gI_66460_Marlin Report

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

Unbound Commerce today announced it was named by third party mobile performance measurement service Marlin Mobile as the mobile commerce solution for retailers with the fastest page load times. As compared to transcoded (“screen scraped”) sites or those built using responsive design, integrated mobile commerce sites built by Unbound Commerce outperformed the field by a wide margin.

The benchmark study conducted by Marlin Mobile measured load times from 500+ Android devices on a variety of Carriers.Marlin Mobile performed this study on integrated, transcoded, and responsive design sites used by top retail brands in the apparel, accessories, and sporting goods spaces.

Unbound Surges Past 300th Mobile Commerce Site Benchmark

Mobile Commerce For Windy City Novelties, Others Recently Launched

Unbound Commerce recently surpassed a crucial benchmark by launching its 300th mobile site for online retailer Windy City Novelties. Windy City chose Unbound because of the integrated approach used to build the site, allowing the novelty products leader to leverage and extend current ecommerce sales engines into the mobile space.


Other recent mobile commerce site launches leading up to #300 include enterprise clients Rockport Shoes, MillerCoors, Mikimoto America, and American Medical-ID. These retailers all chose to power their mobile solutions using Unbound’s Mobile Presence® platform and now have access to proprietary mobile marketing tools that can help them drive tracked mobile sales.

Unbound’s integrated approach allows mobile orders to flow into current ecommerce systems, via API-based connectors pre-architected with top ecommerce platforms from providers like ATG, Demandware, and IBM Websphere . Unbound also offers a proprietary hybrid feed capture approach for a rapid, low-IT impact solution.

“We use best practices and our own software services to help retailers mobile-optimize,” affirms Srinivasarao Nandiwada (NSR), CTO at Unbound. “Retailers want to take advantage of the growing power of mobile commerce. We have solutions for any requirement and are harnessing HTML5 for omnichannel commerce”.


Unbound remains the industry’s #1 mobile commerce solution provider, with a market-leading number of enterprise-level mobile commerce site deployments.

Unbound Commerce provides solutions to retailers seeking to capitalize on the booming consumer adoption of mobile and social technologies. 300+ retailers currently use the Mobile Presence® platform, and the 2011 Mobile Commerce Data Book from Internet Retailer identifies Unbound Commerce as the #1 mobile commerce solution provider. Retailers of all sizes choose Unbound as the best way to extend their ecommerce business beyond their website – taking advantage of new trigger points to reach increasingly-mobile consumers wherever they happen to be. Unbound’s unique integrated approach leverages existing retail ecommerce operations, with as much or as little IT involvement as required. For additional information, please visit Unbound Commerce’s Mobile Presence Approach.

Unbound Commerce exhibiting at the 2012 IRCE in Chicago, IL.


Watch Consumers Scan A Commerce-Enabled QR Code At Rockport’s TruWalkZero Launch Event

Rockport Shoes teamed up with Unbound Commerce to launch their truWALKzero campaign in New York City yesterday. Renowned performance artist Johan Lorbeer suspended himself on the side of a cube that served as a mobe point of sale for the new product line. Rockport used Unbound’s Trigger Point Marketing tools for this effort and displayed a mobile QR code on the cube structure. Simply by scanning the code, Rockport linked consumers directly to a mobile commerce-enabled landing page where they can purchase a new pair of truWalkszero shoes. By tracking responses, Rockport can show demonstrated revenue lift. Watch the video here:


Adidas’ recently ran a live promotion in New York that used mobile bar codes to let consumers buy shoes via their handsets. The Rockport event took place on April 5 and used a live demonstration to launch the TruWALK line of running shoes. Rockport is working with Unbound Commerce on its mobile initiatives.

“A QR code generator is built into the dashboard Unbound provides to all our clients so ‘real-world trigger points’ can link a physical display to a mobile landing page built specifically for a campaign like this one,” said Wilson Kerr, vice president of business development and sales at Unbound Commerce, Boston.

“This TruWALKzero launch event generated a lot of buzz, but Rockport took this a step further and tied in a commerce-enabled, linked call-to-action, so success could be judged in part by incremental sales lift,” he said.

Rockport is an online retailer that sells footwear for women, men and children.

Light as air

The one-day promotion involved a box display with people hanging off the edges to show how light the new shoes are. The displayed featured QR codes on the sides that took users to an optimized landing page where they could learn more about the product. Users could then tap to buy the shoes on Rockport’s mobile site. Using an outdoor event to tie in with mobile commerce is a smart way for brands to showcase a new product. In Rockport’s case, making the event commerce-enabled could also be effective in driving sales and educating consumers about QR codes. Additionally, the event had a strong social aspect with a Twitter hashtag and Facebook updates, most of which were most likely made by consumers at the event via their mobile devices.

Mobile rock

Although QR codes seem to be plastered over any marketing material nowadays, many consumers might not be familiar with the technology. By showing users how to scan a QR code that leads to an optimized, commerce-enabled page, it helps users get a better grasp on mobile. Rockport has been building up its mobile presence recently. The brand recently revealed that mobile traffic grew 75.8 percent year-over-year, showing how important it is for retailers to have an optimized site (see story). “QR codes lead to sales because they are displayed at the exact place and time a mobile consumer is most prequalified to be interested in buying the product or service being promoted,” Mr. Kerr said. “They are literally standing in front of a display and can use their phone to access a mobile-optimized version of an online store where they can check-out in a few clicks,” he said. “The purchase-intent funnel is drastically shortened, and the conversions tracked and measured.”